Written and illustrated by Gabriella Eva Nagy

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Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella Eva Nagy is a Hungarian-born American. She is an illustrator and storyteller who creates colorful children’s books.

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Have you been mesmerized by twinkling stars? My heart is always filled with awe when I think of the 100 billion brilliant stars in our galaxy. When we look up to the starry sky, we dream of another world full of wonder and...

How to Unlock A Child’s Creativity

How to Unlock A Child's Creativity Creativity is the greatest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying, for any parent, to find their children be able to express themselves freely and without judgment. Young children are packed with wonder, awe, and...

The Importance of Good Illustrations in Children’s Books

The Importance of Good Illustrations in Children's Books Illustrations are a crucial part of a child's learning process, especially those young readers. When it comes to books, those with illustrations are more effective in grabbing their attention compared to the...

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