How Colors Affect Children’s Interest

Colors make everything in this world beautiful. Imagine not seeing colors. The world would be so dull. Everybody deserves some color in their lives. The effect of it is something else. It is used in everything in this world. But most importantly, it is used to evoke the emotions of the people. Colors are a great way to cause reactions. It can soothe and appease your eyes. It can also do the opposite. Most of the things you can see in this world involve pigments. That is why, as kids, people are usually exposed to learning the colors.   More than anything in this world, kids perceive color in a different way than adults. They tend to be more attracted to it. That is why toys are made with bright colors. This is to capture the childrens’ attention. That is why, if you decide to contribute to the children’s book genre, you need to consider this aspect. You need to make sure that you are not just making a great storyline, but also illustrations that will astonish their eyes.

One of the things that a book should always have is an amazing story that can provide readers with life lessons. But you can never deny the fact that people associate so much with colors. Most children’s books always include images that help them perceive information more easily. They open a great chance for children to understand the story. A vision of the setting, the characters, and the mood of the story makes them respond to the narrative so much better. Everyone remembers their picture books because as children, they get so into them. Thus, when you craft your own children’s book, make sure to include great illustrations for the young ones to remember your story. One great example would be books by Gabriella Eva Nagy. Her works do not only include stories with values but illustrations with bright amazing colors. She uses her talents to reach out to children and touch their lives in the best way possible—picture books. If you are a mother to a young reader, you must check her out.

There is no denying that colors link with the young ones so much, especially their emotions. Below are the reasons why:

Colors Affect Moods

Colors are a great way for children to gain positive energy from. Many studies have proven that colors really do affect emotions. There are specific colors that make you feel certain things. For example, blue will make you feel more relaxed and calm. Yellow makes you feel a little bit anxious, and orange will make you feel hungry. If you notice, there are many moods in a film and it involves colors. This is because colors display the setting. Imagine what colors can do to children if they are able to do these things to adults.  

Colors Serve as Communication Tool

Yes, colors are a powerful communication tool. It is used to signify different things in different aspects. Below are the colors that translate to different things and emotions:

Yellow – warm, exciting, happy

Blue – deep, peaceful, supernatural

Green – peace, stillness, nature

White – harmony, silence, cleanliness

Black – grief, dark, unknown

Red – glowing, confidence, alive

Orange – radiant, healthy, serious

Colors Help Kids Develop

Children go through development stages. One of the first learnings they acquire is being able to identify colors. And, it is definitely a marker milestone for every parent when their kids reach this stage. Colors are usually part of early screening for development. That is why as early as possible, the young ones should start identifying colors. This will help in the cognitive link between visual clues and words. There are many ways to teach them, through flashcards, games, and books. 

To wrap it up, the beauty of colors is surreal. Its function in the world is also amazing. The effect of colors on human beings varies into so many things. These effects make life with living and make the world worth seeing. Just simply going out to nature and seeing all its green pigments make everybody feel lighter. Children deserve to see all the colors in the world. Hopefully you have found something useful out of this blog. May you shine like all the colors of the rainbows.




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