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Gabriella Eva Nagy

Moonlight Dance Book

Moonlight Dance

“Moonlight Dance” is a heartwarming visual representation to say happy birthday to someone you love. It’s poetic, appealing, engaging, full of lovely animals- the vivid colors, fun drawings, and rhymes are sure to please little ones everywhere. It goes through many different animals and dance styles until it gracefully concludes with the zipping dragonflies, butterflies fluttering on angled wings, and glowing fireflies dancing in the moonlight wishing you a MESMERIZINGLY BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY! This beautifully illustrated book has the potential to increase children’s verbal abilities; reading enables one to have a more varied range of words to express ideas. It also improves focus and concentration, and gives young kids the opportunity to let their powerful imaginations run wild with every re-read of the book.


“This is a brilliant birthday message and makes me remember the sheer excitement of exploring the world of exotic animals and the exciting places they lived. The story uses colorful illustrations and a rhythmical storyline that provides a musical and fast-paced feel. Children can identify the various creatures detailed in the book. The characters are loveable and humorous, and the book has wonderful creative illustrations that set out the scenes. These books can support literacy by encouraging imagination and development of word language and can also inspire creative games, oral stories, and writing in Y1 and lower Y2. The detailed illustrations ensure the story is a visual aid on an interactive whiteboard. This book would also be appropriate for independent reading for developing readers as it has a variety of words that will extend the children’s vocabulary and interests.”

Linda Young

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