Ladybug and flowers

Have you ever desired to take flight with a ladybug, and fly together through the fields of flowers, watch the delightful dance of swans as they glide and twirl, play hide-and-seek with the dragonflies, spin with the peacocks as they fan out their colorful feathers, drink sweet nectar with the hummingbirds, zip through upside-down rainbows, illuminate the sky with glowing fireflies, like millions of tiny lamps, flutter softly with splendid butterflies among glittering pearls, take a bath in the rays of the sunset, sing a melodious lullaby with the songbirds and find our star in the glistering sky, and on the gently rocking ocean waves dream sweet dreams?

amazing ladybugs

Just imagine being able to fly with the speed of up to 37 mph, and go as high as 3,600 feet? Varying in color, bright red, orange or yellow; the number of spots or spotless; the distance they travel, up to 74 miles, and 2 hours of air time; their delicate wings that can flap 85 times in a second, they are truly amazing creatures!

These amazing ladybugs are the inspiration of writing and illustrating the book:

SWEET DREAMS, LADYBUG! – an imaginary voyage of ladybugs through fields of flowers and enchanted rainbows.

amazing ladybug

Written and Illustrated
by Gabriella Eva Nagy

SBN-10: 1612448909
ISBN-13: 978-1612448909
Publisher: Halo Publishing International
(September 2, 2020)
Reading level: 8-10 years
Language: English
Paperback: 26 pages

Available Now:
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