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Gabriella Eva Nagy

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“Sweet Dreams, Ladybug!” is a surreal journey of ladybugs across fields of flowers and magical rainbows – lovely little book intended for kids that is composed with a poet’s heart and soul and decorated with exquisite illustration that helps inspire the mind and delight it. This book can also be enjoyed by parents when reading to any youngsters for a bedtime story or an excursion into the World of Books.  

Despite the light story, many kids will find that they will return to this book again and again only to get lost in the lovely drawings, full of vivid colors and the wonders of nature in depth.

In a beautiful garden, a vast field full of wildflowers, or along a mountainside, this is a book that is undoubtedly pleasurable to read. It can also ease your child off to a restful sleep full of colorful thoughts and pleasant dreams at bedtime.


This is a gorgeous little book meant for children but can also be appreciated by adults while reading to any kids they may be delighting with a bedtime story or with an excursion into the Land of Books. It is written with the heart and soul of a poet and illustrated with beautiful artwork that helps to stimulate and delight the imagination.

The story is a little light but many children will find they will go back to this book over and over again just to get lost in the wonderful illustrations, full of bright colors and detail of the wonders of nature.

This is a book that would be great to read in a lush garden, a vast field full of wildflowers, or along a mountainside. Or even at bedtime to ease your child off to a restful sleep full of pleasant dreams.


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