dancing butterfliesWriting and illustrating for children is like stepping into a new dimension that transcends time and space, a world full of imagination and colors. I hope that we will take this wonder-filled journey together.

 Throughout my childhood, I experienced the joy of being surrounded by nature, the vivid colors of aromatic flowers and fruit trees blossoming each spring and summer; the exuberant beauty of sweet-scented roses, petunias, carnations, lilies, daffodils, dazzling lilacs, tulips, and red poppies.

I quickly became fond of the gracefully fluttering butterflies, red and yellow ladybugs, delicate dragonflies, glowing fireflies, the musical lullaby of crickets, fluffy clouds, and brilliant rainbows.

dancing butterflies with birds gabriella eva nagyI have always admired the delicate beauty and tiny details of butterfly wings, rose petals, leaves, shells, and their variety of colors and textures. The gentle sound of the cooing doves, the cheerful chirping of blue swallows, the melodious songs of robins, and the howling wolves at night mesmerized me. The peaceful sight of the wandering and baaing sheep, dashing horses racing against the wind, lively rabbits chasing each other, deer leaping over the flower-covered meadows among yellow sunflowers swaying side to side, and the skillful maneuvers of journeying birds filled my heart with wonder and awe. The glistening stars like millions of tiny lamps illuminating the sky made me dreaming of another world. Finding God and His love confirmed me that there is another world awaiting for us, full of wonder and joy illuminated by His presence.

 The inspiration for writing and illustrating the book The Dancing Butterflies also came from the natural beauty surrounding me.

flamingos with dancing butterflies Imagining to partake the journey of the dancing butterflies and fly with them through the fields of flowers, and watch the delightful dance of swans; to spin and twirl with the pink flamingoes and hide and seek with the ladybugs; to soar high with the seagulls and glide with lively ducks, to drink sweet nectar with the hummingbirds and flutter softly with glowing dragonflies; to take a bath in the rays of the sunset, and dance under enchanted rainbows; to sing a melodious lullaby with the songbirds, and on the gently rocking ocean waves, among the glittering pearls wishing each other goodnight, dreaming sweet dreams.

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