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Dancing Butterflies BOOK

The Dancing Butterflies

“The Dancing Butterflies” is an imaginary voyage of butterflies through fields of flowers and enchanted rainbows, featuring colorful butterflies frolicking with different animals in water, on land, and in the air. This children’s book will not only astound readers with the author’s out-of-this-world illustrations but also takes readers to a uniquely nostalgic, colorfully care-free, dream-like world.

This picture book changes each time it is read. Children can create new stories by looking at the pictures and letting their imaginations run wild in the world around them or focus on a make-believe world where anything is possible when the colorful butterflies dance.

Filled with colorful pictures and simple sentences, it creates a perfect story for circle time. The dancing butterflies within the poetic text, are effective in grabbing children’s attention and enabling them to join in with the movement in the book. Alliteration such as “Let us fly, Let us spin, Let us soar” within this book alongside repetition and rhyme means it exposes children to many different language techniques that enable them to develop their literacy skills.


“When I flipped through The Dancing Butterflies, I fell in love with the butterflies illustration: It is breathtakingly beautiful. My daughter wanted a butterfly, and since the butterfly went with the book, this book was an easy choice. All the illustrations in the book are stunning. The writing is broken down, so there are only a few lines of text per illustration; therefore, more stunning illustrations. The text originally was like a song, so naturally, it reads like a well-rhythmed poem. A wonderful bedtime read, this one shines with moonlight and dreams. Appropriate for ages 1-3”

Barbara Hernandez

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