Tips on Becoming a Great Illustrator

Gabriella Eva Nagy is an author and an illustrator who has already written, illustrated, and published around sixteen children’s books with colorful and eye-pleasing visuals. Her first published book titled Lady, Lady, Ladybug – a story about the joyful trip of a ladybug around naturehas a bright and cheering visual representation that truly fosters the imagination of its readers. Her most recent work, Enchanted Rainbows, boasts of the same flair. In general, the collection of Gabriella Eva Nagy books can be described as a collection of uplifting words paired perfectly with exquisite visuals.

Without a doubt, illustrations and visuals play an important role in enhancing the overall quality of books, particularly of children’s books. They enrich these books full of dull texts with revitalizing colors, shapes, and designs. In a sense, the role of illustrators is as important as that of authors when it comes to producing great-quality literary works. Illustrators like Gabriella Eva Nagy somehow serve as the second backbone of the book industry.

Are you an aspiring illustrator who wishes to create strikingly beautiful illustrations similar to that of Gabriella Eva Nagy books? If yes, then this article is for you! Here are some basic tips on becoming a great illustrator:

Practice regularly

Practice makes perfect – this is a common saying used to encourage people to continue doing something many times until they become proficient in it. Although perfection is impossible to achieve in reality, one can become truly great at something if they constantly have practice. If you want to become a great illustrator, then practice illustrating regularly. This does not necessarily mean that you need to be illustrating every hour of every day, as doing so can lead to burnout and loss of interest. Nonetheless, if you really want to improve your craft, then dedicate some time of your day to it. Have a daily drawing routine. Every morning, after waking up, do some free-sketching. You can also do the same every night, before going to bed.

Watch tutorials

Learning from others is a great way to develop and enhance your skills as an illustrator. In doing almost anything, one needs the guidance of those who are already experienced and proficient. No one is born knowing how to do something naturally. If you want to be great at something, particularly at illustrating, then you first need to learn how the established illustrators do it. Watch tutorials. Pay attention to the tools and techniques that you are not familiar with, and see how other illustrators use and do them. You do need to hire a personal tutor to teach you how to illustrate. Nowadays, almost everything can be learned on the internet.

Try different styles

It is important to know your forte in art and literature. It helps you focus much of your attention and effort on a certain style or technique that can establish your brand. However, being confined by a specific style or technique can become disadvantageous in the long run, especially when you have become too comfortable with it to the point of refusing to try other styles and techniques. In general, comfort can make you stagnant. The same thing can be said when it comes to becoming an illustrator. If you wish to be really great at illustrating, then you need to allow yourself to be versatile. Try different art styles. Practice them one at a time. Remember, being afraid to go beyond your creative comfort zone will not take you to greatness.

Use both traditional and digital tools

In line with versatility, aspiring illustrators should also be adept at using various tools in art. In general, these tools are divided into two: traditional and digital. Traditional art tools include graphite, charcoal, brush, watercolor, colored pencil, and more. To put it simply, traditional medium in art includes real tools. Digital medium, on the other hand, has software tools that can only be used with a computer. Nowadays, digital art tools are becoming more and more popular among artists because they are less expensive and more convenient to use. However, if you are a budding illustrator, then it is recommended that you start illustrating using traditional tools, as these tools are the ones that can help you develop your skills the most. Once you feel comfortable and skilled enough in using traditional tools already, then you can move on and do digital.

The tips shared in this article are only some basic tips that can help you develop and enhance your skills as an illustrator. With that being said, becoming a great illustrator ultimately begins with developing immense dedication and passion for your craft. If you wish to be able to create beautiful illustrations similar to that of Gabriella Eva Nagy books, then you first need to be dedicated and passionate about what you are doing. Dedication and passion can take you far. In the words of Irving Stone, “Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.”

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