Tips on Creating a Heartwarming Book for Children

Children’s books can be sad or joyful, but most frequently, they are heartwarming. Just like any other kinds of books, children’s books usually aim to touch the hearts of their readers. One of their main goals is to stir emotions among their readers and have an impact on their lives. In a sense, most children’s books are emotionally rewarding or uplifting.

Gabriella Eva Nagy is an illustrator, storyteller, and author who creates heartwarming books for children. The books by Gabriella Eva Nagy usually contain colorful illustrations with great storytelling. As an illustrator and author, she uses her skills and talent to connect with children and introduce them to Christian values. Some of the best books by Gabriella Eva Nagy are Lady, Lady, Ladybug (2014), Moonlight Dance (2018), The Dancing Butterflies (2019), and Enchanted Rainbows (2018).

If you want to create your own touching children’s book similar to the books by Gabriella Eva Nagy, then this article is for you. Below are some helpful tips on creating a heartwarming book for children.

Write something that hits close to home

To create a heartwarming book for children, the very first thing that you need to do is to write something that hits close to home. This means that the content of your book should be relevant to your target young readers. If you are writing a story, for example, then write a story that most children can relate to. The concept, narrative, or theme of your story should be a reflection of what children usually go through in real life.

Do not write something that children will most likely not understand. Stories about people going to war or married couples getting divorced, for example, are not stories for children. As much as possible, the content of your book should be simple yet full of lessons. It should induce positive emotions among children, and not confuse them or make them pessimistic about life.

Let your characters befriend the children

The key to touching the hearts of your young readers lies in your characters. Your characters are the ones that the readers follow from beginning to end. Their stories are what the readers anticipate all throughout. Without your characters, your story will never progress, and your book will not be able to generate the emotions that it expects from the readers. For these reasons, your need to make your characters as lovable as possible.

Let your characters befriend your young readers. They should be able to build a connection with them. The children should be able to see themselves in your characters or, at least, feel sympathetic for them. When your characters manage to do these things, children will be able to see what they see, feel what they feel, and believe in whatever they believe in. Your book, then, will be able to stir the emotions that it expects.

Include warm and colorful illustrations

Children generally love art. They love seeing shapes, colors, and pictures. Illustrations, especially the colorful ones, are very effective in capturing the attention and imagination of young readers. Because of this, if you want to create a heartwarming book for children, then you need to put illustrations in it. Make sure your illustrations are warm and colorful. More importantly, they should have concepts. The main purpose of your illustrations should be to illustrate the central point of your book and send a message to the readers.

The books by Gabriella Eva Nagy, for example, are known for having such warm and colorful illustrations. These books do not just appeal to the literary taste of young readers, but they are also very visually attractive. They enrich both the minds and eyes of children.

In summary, to create a heartwarming book for children, you need to pay close attention to these elements of your book: narrative or theme, characters, and illustrations. Creating a children’s book is already hard in itself, but making sure that it is a heartwarming one is ever harder. To touch the hearts of children and generate some pure emotions from them, you need to come up with a book that understands children and that children understand. In general, books play in important role in the education of children. They usually leave a lasting impact on them. So, if you want your book to have a positive influence on the minds and hearts of children, then you need to make it appealing, empathetic, and valuable.




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