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Gabriella Eva Nagy

Dancing Butterflies BOOK


“Twinkling Stars” is a sweet, gentle, lyrical lullaby reflecting on the natural beauty surrounding us.


“You have only to think of Ms. Nagy’s words to begin smiling and sighing wistfully. Though her work, including this lullaby, is for the young, we of all ages are always enriched. She seduces us with memories of carefree days, running through a meadow or even just the backyard that’s been transformed by our adventurous imaginations. Her vibrant illustrations bring the words to life. Their childlike perspective and bright colors will have your little ones wide-eyed and enthralled. You’ll be turning the pages to the music of their oohs and aahs. Ms. Nagy transports us back to a time of innocent wonder, a time when every element of the world around us was a miracle to behold. In this lullaby’s few short phrases, Ms. Nagy reminds us of those marvels of nature, her words and illustrations painting a canvas of the enormous gifts of creation. While we are being seduced, our precious little ones are settling in and being lulled into peaceful slumber filled with sweet dreams. This is a lullaby that is destined to become a classic, one you will share time and time again.”

Ann Collins

Book Review

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