Have you been mesmerized by twinkling stars? My heart is always filled with awe when I think of the 100 billion brilliant stars in our galaxy. When we look up to the starry sky, we dream of another world full of wonder and delight. “Twinkling Stars” is a sweet, gentle, lyrical lullaby reflecting on the natural beauty surrounding us.

“The millions of twinkling stars in the brilliant sky,
the red-and-yellow ladybugs flying over the fields of flowers,
the dancing butterflies fluttering gracefully on angel wings,
the colorful songbirds singing melodious lullabies,
the splendid, swift-winged hummingbirds drinking sweet nectar,
a flock of lively seagulls soaring high above,
the delicate fireflies illuminating the sky, like millions of tiny lamps,
the delightful swans gliding and twirling,
as far as the eye can see, all the sweet-scented flowers blooming,
each and every rainbow upside-down smiling,
at the gentle rays of the sunset
are lovingly wishing you sweet dreams!”

Let “Twinkling Stars” inspire us to reflect on the natural beauty in all creation that surrounds us and be mesmerized by it each and every day: to feel the gentle breeze, to smell a sweet-scented flower in bloom, to admire the delicate pattern of a flower petal, to notice the gentle glide and twirl of a water bird, to listen to the melodious songs of birds and to admire the vivid colors of their feathers. Let our hearts be filled with childlike wonder and capture each moment that passes by.
Twinkling Stars
by Gabriella Eva Nagy

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